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Making a monthly donation is simple and helps to ensure the sustainability of LICADD's Programs and Services.  Your support can save a life.

Check donations can be sent to:

c/o Development Department
1025 Old Country Rd., Suite 221

Westbury, NY 11590


Other Ways to Give

Planned Giving ⁠-⁠ Leaving Your Legacy

Through LICADD’s planned giving department, you have a powerful opportunity to ensure that your most important values and commitments are part of the legacy you will leave behind as an example to future generations. Since planned gifts generally come from the accumulated assets of our lifetime, it is an opportunity to make a final statement of support for a cause near to your heart. Planned gifts also ensure that LICADD will have the resources needed to continue its mission for many years to come.

Over the past several years, LICADD has been able to heighten awareness about addiction and the epidemic facing Long Island. In response to this epidemic, LICADD has continued to lobby for better legislation, increase the number of support groups, promote the use of Open Arms EAP, crusade for prevention through education and help individuals who suffer with addiction.

LICADD’s good work has been made possible through private donations made very generously by friends, and family members who were robbed of their loved one by the disease of addiction.

The Legacy of Caring is a very special giving opportunity, which creates a partnership between the donor and LICADD. It enables you to leave a lasting gift through a bequest provision in your will that will touch the lives of many families well into the future.

Planned giving does not have to be complicated and it is not only reserved for those with great wealth. It can be as simple as adding LICADD as a beneficiary in your will as a bequest.

Follow the link to learn about available gift options. If you would like us to help you talk them through, call Rosanne Slattery 516-747-2606 or

Download legacy form



Third Party Fundraising

Thank you for helping LICADD expand its fundraising efforts by working with the community to hold a third party fundraising event in support of our programs.

When planning a LICADD event please keep the following ground rules in mind:

A Third Party LICADD fundraising event must…

  • Have a signed third Party Fundraising Contract that has been reviewed and authorized by the Executive Director
  • Provide revenue in support LICADD’s programs and services
  • Promote LICADD’s mission
  • Represent the values of the agency
  • Be held in an appropriate and safe venue

A Third Party LICADD fundraising event must NOT

  • Promote the use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
  • Provide gaming opportunities
  • Utilize the LICADD name or logo without explicit authorization

LICADD Checklist

Does LICADD have all of the following information from the host/event organizer?

  • A signed third Party Fundraiser Contract
  • Does the event host/organizer fully understand our policy on alcohol, tobacco use and gaming?
  • Complete contact information including cell phone # and email
  • Event: location
  • Event: date and start time
  • Anticipated audience, attendance and revenue
  • Type of activity / event

Fundraising FAQ's Download Fundraising Toolkit Download Fundraising Agreement





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