By Krista McNally | News12 Long Island

Parents who lost their children to an opioid overdose are heading to Albany with the Suffolk District Attorney Ray Tierney next week to discuss possible changes to legislation.

According to the DA, the group of parents, advocates and law enforcement are pushing for what they call ‘common-sense changes’ to New York state’s drug laws. Tierney expects over 100 people to make the trek from Long Island to Albany next week.

Carole Trottere, who is the mother of an opioid-overdose victim, said “there is nothing more powerful than hearing the voice of a mom or dad’s whose child is no longer here because of fentanyl or opioids.”

The group will be addressing four bi-partisan laws, including bills to categorize families who have lost loved ones to an overdose to be classified as crime victims. They want Tranq, also known as xylazine, to become illegal in the state. They also want anyone caught selling fentanyl to be held on bail.

They are also looking to hold drug dealers accountable in the fentanyl death by dealer statue known as Chelsea’s law, her parents will be joining dozens of others in hopes of getting support for these bills.