Brief History

Open Arms EAP is operated by the Long Island Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence (LICADD), an organization established in 1956 as the pioneering not-for¬-profit health agency dedicated to addressing alcoholism and other drug addictions on Long Island. Open Arms EAP – Long Island’s oldest and most established non-profit employee assistance program – began shortly after LICADD’s formation as a means to help identify and assist employees and/or their immediate family members who may be having a problem with alcohol and/or other drugs.

Our Mission

Open Arms EAP is dedicated to maximizing the health and productivity of the workforce of companies, labor unions, school districts, and municipalities on Long Island and beyond. Today, we are proud to provide a multitude of services. EAP historically focused on the necessity of addressing alcohol and drug misuse, and now Open Arms vows to helping you bring your best self to work! This means addressing our mental health, work-life balance, and job satisfaction. We are a personalized approach to peak performance and productivity. Open Arms EAP works with employers and employees from any walk of life on any area they may need assistance with. We provide confidential evaluations and assessments, brief interventions, screened referrals, crisis intervention services, and follow-up services for a broad spectrum of personal concerns. We do everything we can to ensure members and their families get to live their best life. We understand how to overcome the cycle of home life problems affecting work life and work life problems affecting home life. Open Arms helps you be your best at work and at home. It is OK to not be OK, and we are here to help!

Our Values

We believe every person can and will perform at their best when given the education, guidance and support they need. Open Arms provides our members with confidential support in every realm that affects their lives. We believe in being proactive before needing to be reactive! We do this with professionalism, dedication and most importantly, with collaboration.