Open Arms EAP provides confidential evaluation, solution-focused counseling, screened referrals and follow-up services for a broad spectrum of personal concerns. Our team specializes in serving a variety of populations including parents, teens, returning veterans and seniors.

Individualized Assessments: Our expert clinicians will give you an honest, professional opinion about the challenges in your life.

Solution-Focused Counseling: Our professional counselors help you come-up with a concrete plan and guide you towards success. Although counseling is most effective face-to-face, we understand that sometimes that might not be possible. We can provide E-therapy for those who are interested.

WorkplaceTraining: Our presentations are engaging, highly participatory and designed for maximum impact.

Confidential Counseling: Every member covered by Open Arms has access to Masters level clinicians for private, confidential counseling to help them deal with life’s stresses and challenges. Family members are covered too.

HR & Management Consulting: We minimize your potential liability and support your team with an objective second opinion. We work with managers and supervisors to address workplace issues such as engagement issues, absenteeism, presenteeism, skill development, harassment, bullying and more.

Impaired Workforce Problems: We work with employers in assisting an impaired employee with assessment, referral to treatment, monitoring and follow up. We are here for families too – with support, referrals and after care.

Sexual Harassment Training: our individualized trainings meet New York State’s stringent requirements as well as your own.

Substance Abuse Management: We have highly trained clinicians and Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) to help you maintain a drug –free workplace.

Critical Incident Response Team: Our highly skilled critical Incident Response Team will be on-site to help guide management and employees through a critical incident in the workplace.

Screened Referrals: Sometimes our clients simply want a referral for a specialist and sometimes their needs are beyond the scope of EAP short-term counseling and a referral is necessary. Open Arms maintains connections with well qualified professionals throughout our service area and can give our clients access to the help they want. As the oldest EAP on Long Island, we have spent years cultivating relationships with local providers. We can match their strengths to your needs, ensuring the best possible fit. We take the extra steps necessary to screen our referrals so you can trust the quality of the providers we refer. Our resources are cross-matched to insurance carrier databases, making it easier to make choices that are affordable.

Family Member Access: Open Arms EAP is unique in that we happily serve our members’ family members. That means that your spouse, significant other, children and other family members living with you, can call us and get help with a wide variety of personal concerns. They can call us, explain their relationship to you and a professional counselor will talk with them either on the phone or in-person. We’ll provide solution-focused counseling, screened referrals and come up with an action plan that makes sense. We’ll also circle back with them if they like to see how everything worked out and ensure that their needs have been met.


What EAP Costs

Open Arms can scale and customize its services seamlessly to reflect the needs of its clients now and in the future. While health care costs have skyrocketed in recent years, the costs associated with Employee Assistance Programs have remained fairly consistent. Most EAPs – including Open Arms’ are priced on an annual per capita basis wherein employers pay a fixed amount per person per year for the services detailed in the EAP contract. Because we are non-profit, our money goes back into client services, our annual fees are much lower than other local or national employee assistance programs.

Open Arms EAP’s non-profit status allows us to charge less than our commercial competitors. Our shareholders are the communities we serve, rather than an exclusive group of investors and we don’t exist to generate profits, we exist solely to serve others. That’s important because it means we won’t take steps to limit utilization, restrict access to services or turn your employees away. By purchasing EAP services from us, you’re investing in your workplace, and the community in which they work.

We’re in business solely to help people and we truly want your employees to reach out for help. We provide you with annual utilization reports so together we can make sure that your employees are getting the help they need and you as the employer are getting the value you deserve.

At Open Arms, we believe in complete transparency and fairness. We also accept employers of all sizes.

Please call 516-747-2606 for a free non-obligation consultation today.