Exciting news! Families in Support of Treatment (F.I.S.T) and Gabriel’s Giving Tree (G.G.T.) are now a part of LICADD. On Friday, March 24th we were delighted to  reunite with all who have supported F.I.S.T. throughout the years and celebrate the new partnership of LICADD, F.I.S.T and G.G.T. at the FIST Family Re-Union.

Thank you to the Families In Support of Treatment (F.I.S.T.) and the Gabriel's Giving Tree (G.G.T.) for their partnership and helping make this event possible!

We've rebranded!

LICADD is thrilled to welcome FIST, GGT and Open Arms EAP into the LICADD family. During Recovery Month, more than ever, we need to work hard to remove the stigma of substance use disorder and give people the freedom and confidence to reach out for help.