Family & Individual Chemical Dependency Interventions

Do you have a family member with a drug and alcohol problem?

Have you tried unsuccessfully to get them into treatment or get them to change?

Are you and your family worried, frustrated, angry, disappointed and at the end of your rope?

family fight

When someone’s health and well-being is in danger due to drug or alcohol addiction, sometimes the only option left to the family is a well-planned intervention.

LICADD’s interventions are professionally guided educational and motivational processes that help a family or workplace “team,” prepare themselves, approach a loved one, and talk to that person in a clear, respectful and loving way about their drug and/or alcohol use with the immediate goal of encouraging them to accept help. During LICADD’s carefully planned interventions, family, friends, and employers tell the alcoholic or drug user in their own words how his (or her) substance abuse has been a problem in their lives.

LICADD has conducted thousands of successful planned interventions using the traditional Johnson Intervention model, as well as the newest approach called the “invitational non-confrontational model.” Each of our interventions is carefully planned based on an initial consultation and a series of family meetings. We’ll make sure that family members have the tools to care for themselves and that the identified patient, if agreeable to treatment, can access competent, affordable treatment-on-demand. LICADD has direct relationships with more than 100 inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities on Long Island and across the nation and can streamline access into an appropriate treatment facility regardless of ability to pay or insurance coverage.

LICADD also provides follow-up care to families and patients for six months following an intervention and we stand ready to assist you at every step along the way. LICADD is a non-profit organization and as such, we charge only modest fees to support our ongoing operations.

If you’d like to get more information about our intervention services or would like to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our professional clinicians, please call us at 516-747-2606 or Click here to request more information online

We look forward to working with you!