Anger Management


If you feel that your anger may be getting out of control and that it is having an impact on your family, your relationships, your job, and on other important parts of your life, consider participating in one of LICADD’s Long Island anger management workshops, held in convenient locations across Nassau and Suffolk Counties. LICADD is also the organization to call if you’ve been ordered by a court, CPS, Probation Officer or someone else to attend anger management classes. We’re non-profit, so our anger management classes cost less and our anger management classes have consistently been rated among the best on Long Island. LICADD’s anger management classes are facilitated by one of the few Certified Anger Management Professionals on Long Island and are offered in three separate, convenient formats. We provide certificates of completion and full documentation of your participation in our classes.

Our intake process is hassle-free and we are the lowest cost anger management program on Long Island.

* Do you find yourself getting more angry more often?
* Do you find yourself saying or doing things that you later regret?
* Have others told you that you can be intimidating?
* Been involved in road rage incidents?
* Would you like to learn some new ways to handle frustration, confrontation and stressful situations?

All prospective participants in our anger management program must come in for an intake/evaluation appointment, which lasts about an hour.  All workshop participants will use our anger management workbook, which you get to keep for future reference and to keep your new skills sharp.

Here are the anger management options we offer:

Intensive One-Day Anger Management Workshop
Immerse yourself in a one-day solution-focused workshop designed to produce lasting changes in the most efficient way possible. We’ve taken our 12-hour workshop series and compressed it into just 8 hours of instruction, interaction and exploration. The pace will be fast, the experience intense and the results extraordinary. You’ll get an official certificate of completion after completing the course. This class is accepted by all courts, probation departments and Child Protective Services.

Class size is limited to just twelve participants. We use classroom exercises and instructional materials to help and guide participants to learn skills in a variety of areas. Course content includes skills in stress management, communication training, anger management, empathy, conflict resolution, as well as skills in developing better judgement and impulse control. We use our highly acclaimed skill-building curriculum, “Anger Management for the Twenty-first Century” in which the “Eight Tools for Anger Control” will be explained and explored. Each participant receives a certificate of completion.

These workshops are our most popular and fill to capacity well in advance; to secure your place, call us today. Our next full-day anger management classes will be held in the next couple weeks in Mineola (114 Old Country Road, Suite 114) . Call 516-747-2606 right now to schedule a one-on-one intake consultation/clinical assessment and register for this class.

Adult Anger Management Workshop Series (Monday evenings from 7:30-9:00PM in Ronkonkoma; Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:00PM in Mineola)
Need some ongoing help and support to better manage your anger? No problem! Our weekly workshop series is the perfect solution. Group sessions last 90 minutes each and each session builds on our structured court-approved anger management curriculum. New participants can enter the group at any time and must make a twelve week commitment to attend. We’ll give you a certificate of completion at the end of twelve weeks and provide any interim documentation you might need. Call 516-747-2606 right now to schedule a one-on-one intake consultation/clinical assessment and register for this class.

Anger Management Coaching (held at a mutually convenient time weekly in Ronkonkoma in Suffolk County or Mineola in Nassau County)
LICADD offers anger management coaching for those seeking a more intimate, customized and private experience for learning anger management skills.  Anger management coaching is perfect for those concerned about confidentiality and those with busy schedules. Anger management coaching is ideal for corporate executives, physicians and other health care professionals, attorneys, police and fire department personnel, athletes, and anyone seeking an individualized solution. Anger management coaching is not psychotherapy, but rather educational, instructional and focused on the “here and now,” rather than the past.  LICADD’s anger management coaches are exceptionally well qualified with Master’s degrees, doctorates and many years of experience.

Sessions last 50 minutes each and are generally scheduled on a weekly basis. For an initial consultation/clinical assessment with a Certified Anger Management Professional, please call us at 516-747-2606.

Payment for LICADD’s anger management services may be made via check, cash or major credit card. Those on Medicaid or Public Assistance or who are EAP clients are eligible for a reduction in fees.

LICADD is the premier provider of anger management classes on Long Island, offering low-cost anger management workshops, anger management classes and anger management coaching in both Nassau County and Suffolk County.