Positive Connections

In addition to fighting the current drug crisis that is plaguing Long Island, LICADD is dedicated to fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic that has continued to spread between NYC, Nassau and Suffolk County since the late 80s. The overlap between substance use and infectious diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis C is undeniable. LICADD staff has been on the front lines fighting both epidemics in the interest of connecting people to services, building supports and ultimately saving lives.

Via funding from the NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute, LICADD has implemented a Behavioral Health Education initiative designed to help individuals who are HIV positive that are not currently enrolled in substance use or mental health services. The mission behind the program is to get those in need of these services connected to treatment in an effort to build quality of life and reduce negative outcomes.

Enrolled clients receive up to three (3) educational sessions aimed at providing individuals with the necessary information and motivation to actively engage in their own wellness and accept appropriate referrals to care.

For more information about this program, please contact Charonda Atherton.