Heroin Use On Long Island

Heroin use among teens on Long Island is skyrocketing and for many kids, the consequences are fatal. The drug has dropped in price, increased in purity and has become fairly easy to obtain in communities across Nassau and Suffolk.

A “bundle” of heroin priced at $150 in 2006, now costs just $80. Smaller quantities can be had for as little as $7.00 on Long Island — about the same price as a pack of cigarettes. The drug, typically snorted by teens, has steadily increased in purity and is often used in combination with prescription drugs like Fentanyl and OxyContin.

Both the Nassau and Suffolk County Police Departments report an increased number of heroin-related arrests and the National Drug Intelligence Center, which is within the Justice Department, ranked heroin alongside cocaine as the most serious drug threats in the New York area.

Heroin use among teens on Long Island first started to get some long-overdue attention after the overdose death of 18-year old Natalie Chiappa last June. Natalie was found dead in a garage following a drug and alcohol-filled house party in Seaford. Following her daughter’s death Doreen Ciappa told reporters, “It’s difficult to admit your child took heroin. It was difficult for us to admit it to ourselves. She was beautiful. She was smart. She did not look like a heroin addict.”

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